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EA Patents system for dynamic content and advertising based on User Playstyle during Gameplay


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Electronic Arts (EA) recently acquired a US Patent for a new and different kind of interactivity between the player and the game, named as Persona Driven Dynamic Content Framework.

In summary, this new gaming experience system will be based on automatically determining the Player’s “Persona” during gameplay, which will therefore tailor the presented / suggested content for the user to fit its preferences.

The main problem to be tackled by EA is to reduce gamer frustration due to motives, such as:

  • gaming content which does not appeal to the user style;
  • a difficulty not suitable for the player expectations (for easier or harder);
  • in not finding additional gaming content after a determined point in gameplay.

Therefore, the Player’s Persona, derived from behavioural gameplay data from multiple gameplays or titles experienced will be determined by indicators such as how much time the player spent in combat; how much of a map the player explored; how often the player opted for harder/easier challenges, how fast was the player’s progression in the main storyline (in relation to the average), and so on.

The tailored content may be dynamically generated content in a game currently being played such as: a map that is tailored for exploration rather than combat or an increase of the number of enemies in the map.

This content may also be a suggestion for unlocking a new game or buy a different product. This, unlockable content, according to the patent may be: “new game or in-game content that is not available for access and/or use by a player at a given time instance but can subsequently be unlocked, purchased, earned or otherwise obtained such that it can then be accessed or used by that player. As such, this type of recommendation is not limited to full titles and may also include add-ons, DLCs, content packs or other similar types of new in-game content“.

The full flowchart of this new system patented by EA, US Patent US11311810B1, can be found in the figures below:

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