Rodolfo Guimarães Covre specializes in counsel, negotiation and litigation involving Intellectual Property and Technological Innovation. With more than 14 years of experience in the area, advises clients to:

Rodolfo Guimaraes - Sócio | Partner

Construction and management of intangible assets in Brazil and abroad, with the objective of preserving the value of the business model developed by the client.

Assessment of legal risks for Freedom to Operate (FTO) of technologies and Use of trademarks and copyrights, advising on any negotiation or contingency considered necessary.

Creation and execution of processes to provide an environment that encourages innovation, maintaining best practices over human resources and preserving confidential and personal information.

Assist in lawsuits, court expert communications and judicial technical assistance, focusing on the use of cognition aid instruments especially when complex technical issues are involved.

Academic Graduations

Universidade de São Paulo – USP

B.Sc in Chemistry with specialization in Biotechnology – 2010
Certification: CRQ nº 04/266.271

Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo – PUC-SP

Attorney – LL.B Law – 2016
Certification: OABSP nº 410.983

Fundace FEA-RP – USP

MBE – Master in Business Economics – 2024

Member in Associations:



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