Privacy and Data Protection Policy

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Guimarães.IP recognizes the importance of protecting your personal information and is committed to processing it responsibly, always considering its degree of sensitivity and in compliance with the applicable data protection laws in all countries in which we operate.

Privacidade | Privacy

The Firm collects, uses and sometimes shares, upon legal requirement or necessity for the performance of its services, information to carry its our day-to-day operations. This document does not apply to personal information relating to employees, job applicants and temporary contractors who provide services to the Company.

Which Data Could be Collected?

Personal data may be used by the Firm for the provision of services contracted by our customers; for use by our employees or business partners to carry out the activities contracted by our customers; respond to communications made through our contact channels; actively and passively defend the interests of our clients, always in compliance with Brazilian legislation and in compliance with the client’s individual rights and freedoms; compliance with applicable legal and regulatory obligations, to enable navigation on our website and by cookies.

Data Storage

Personal data is stored for the time considered appropriate and reasonable to fulfill its purpose for the provision of the firm’s services, the interests of the user or client. Such information will be deleted from our databases when it ceases to be useful for the purposes for which they serve, or, when requested by the user by direct and written contact through our communication channels.

Proteção de Dados | Data Protection
Política | Policy

Notwithstanding, such information may be kept for due compliance with a legal obligation, respecting strict compliance with what is stipulated by the laws for the processing of personal data, preserving the anonimity of data whenever possible.

Personal data may enter in our databases voluntarily, when it is provided to us by the user himself for the fulfillment of the services provided by the Firm; so that we can enter into commercial contact with the user; when the user is offering his services to our job vacancies or providing services to our company; or; because they are automatically collected by our cookies, as previously specified in this document.

Consentimento | Consent

We inform you that by accessing our website and using our services, the user agrees with our privacy and data protection policy.


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Questions? Contact Us

Entre em Contato | Contact Us

To contact the Person in Charge of the Processing of Personal Data, Data Protection Officer (DPO), Rodolfo Guimarães Covre, send an email to We are fully available to answer to any questions and requests related to the treatment of personal data held by our Firm.

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