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Public Audiences on the regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Brazil discuss the impacts of technology on the society


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Last Friday, 05/13, the series of public hearings ended to subsidize the preparation of a draft for the regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Brazil, which aim to establish principles, rules, guidelines and foundations for regulate the development and application of artificial intelligence in Brazil.

With the presence of several jurists, universities and associations, concepts, regulation models and impacts of AI were discussed. Four main axes were defined:
Axis 1: Concepts, understanding and classification of artificial intelligence
Axis 2: Impacts of artificial intelligence
Axis 3: Rights and Duties
Axis 4: Accountability, governance and oversight

Some of the specific topics discussed were: automation of processes that replace human behaviors, surveillance by governments and companies, content filtering and moderation, diagnoses / recommendations from an AI, inferences about emotional disorders, racial and gender biases, targeted advertising of profiles questionable, hiring biased job applicants, facial recognition, deciding on social benefits, credits, access to medical treatment, inferences about sexual orientation, manipulation of children, misidentification of vulnerable groups.

The Commission’s written work is now halted. With a deadline to operate until August 9, the commission was formed to subsidize the elaboration of a draft of a substitute to instruct the appreciation of bills, in progress in the Senate, that regulate the development and application of artificial intelligence in Brazil (PLs 5.051/2019, 21/2020 and 872/2021).

There are several impacts that such regulation can have on everyone’s lives. It is recommended that companies and developers are aware of the trends that such regulations are following in Brazil and abroad, so that their products and services containing AI act at a lower risk of suffering future regulatory sanctions.

Image Font: Pedro França / Agência Senado


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