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Brazilian Technical Standard Association publishes NBR ISO 56005 – Innovation management – ​​Tools and methods for managing Intellectual Property


The Brazilian Technical Standards Association (ABNT) made public on 02/16/2023, the Brazilian Standard (NBR) related to ISO 56005, which deals with Innovation Management and presents tools and methods for managing Intellectual Property (IP).

Created with a focus on Small and Medium-Sized Companies (SMEs), the document details how an efficient IP management is fundamental to support the innovation process, essential for the growth and protection of organizations, and is the engine for competitiveness.

The document also presents guidelines to support the implementation of an Intellectual Property management structure at the strategic and operational levels of Companies/Institutions and addresses:
— Creation of an IP strategy to support innovation in an organization;
— Establishment of systematic IP management in innovation processes;
— Consistent application of IP tools and methods to support effective IP management.

As part of the ISO 56000 series of Innovation Guidance Standards and developed by the world’s leading IP experts, this document becomes a valuable resource and practical tool to assist companies navigate the world of Intellectual Property and Innovation management.

The standard can be found and purchased on the ABNT website by clicking on the link here and adding the term “ISO 56005” in the search field.



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